0800-0900            Registration Desk Opens
0900-0915            Summit Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance
0915-1015            Opening Speaker: Marilee Larsen, "How to 'Disaster Think'"
1015-1030            Break
1030-1115            Jordon Petersen, "Managing Stress in Emergency Workers"
1115-1200            Chelsea Crawford, "Building County Animal Response Teams"
1200-1230            Lunch
1230-1315            Keith Larsen, "Public Health Threats and What We're Doing About Them"
1315-1330            Break
1330-1415            Katie Hull and Deanna Wolfe, "MRC Response to the Uintah Fire"
1415-1430            Break
1430-1530            Deborah Moran, "MRC Response to the Las Vegas Shooting"
1530-1545            Break
1545-1700            Closing Speaker: Cornelia Jammer, "Stories Untold: Hurricane Harvey"